What is PeopleFlow?

How to precisely locate the people, inventory and assets  that flow into, out of, and within your physical spaces.

Imagine the value of tracking all movements and interactions within your facility. Now imagine the same capability when a COVID-19 infection takes place in your facility. Learn how PeopleFlow Contact Tracing can help you.

Just like you can with website analytics.

PeopleFlow puts the power of web analytics to work for you—in any physical spaces.

Every company with a website or mobile app knows the value of gathering detailed metrics on exactly how people move through digital space.

But what about how people move through physical space? Do you know how your workplace is being used—and could be used better. Are you managing your inventory and manufacturing flows efficiently?

Visualize flow patterns, locate people or things, and view analytics on the movement and interactions of people and things in your physical space.

Personalized, scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

PeopleFlow can scale solutions for any spaces-from a 20,000 sq. ft. office space to a 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Our goal is to help you leverage your unique data to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

PeopleFlow’s Smart Office and Smart Industry are changing the way people do business:

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

A positive test is going to happen in your facility. PeopleFlow Contact Tracing allows you to trace the movement and interactions of each employee over a period of time.

Contact Tracing

Smart Offices

Are your employees satisfied with their workspaces? Are you optimizing uses of your activation zones? Are you spending money on space you don’t need? Your data can tell you. PeopleFlow makes your workplace data work for you.

Smart Industry

Ever wonder where your inventory or tools end up? What do your manufacturing flows look like? How can you optimize production flow and stores? Our real-time locating systems bring your assets, inventory and workflows to life.

How can PeopleFlow work for you?

Watch our demo video to see our capabilities for smart office and smart industry:

PeopleFlow delivers valuable metrics.

Interaction Measurements
For the first time ever, you can have concrete data that captures the interactions within your indoor and outdoor locations. Where are my items and tools? What is the flow of work through my plant? Where do my employees spend the most time?

Workflow Management
Make your data work for you. Optimize your work space and manage workflows. How long does an item take to flow through production? How long do items sit in inventory? Where, when and how often do teams interact?

Dwell Time
Time is money. With PeopleFlow, we can help you gauge workplace satisfaction and manufacturing efficiency. How much time did an average item or individual spend at a location? How does this impact workflows? Employee satisfaction?

Inventory Alerts 
Up to 30% of an employee’s time can be spent searching for tools and assets on any given work day. Improve this number.
Where are my assets? When are my tools and spaces occupied? Check-in and check-out of geo-fenced areas. Generate alerts if misplaced or off-property.

Team Empowerment
Use live digital reports to improve anonymous or team-based locations. What activation zones have the most usage? Do inventory locations support efficient workflows? How does my space effect my team success?

Precise Geo-Location
PeopleFlow has precise geo-locating capabilities that many solutions can’t offer. Where is my inventory located? What floor? Manage thousands of assets in both indoor and outdoor spaces using precise network-based tracking in real-time.

How it works.

PeopleFlow monitors the movement of mobile devices within your physical space and collects statistics in each predetermined zone. As people (and assets) move through various zones (or between different locations), PeopleFlow senses their location and presence through mobile or wearable devices.

Devices send out a probe every few seconds to connect to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. PeopleFlow monitors these probe requests, triangulates each specific position, and calculates a set of metrics comparing each change in position against customizable zones.

See for yourself the power of PeopleFlow.

Find out how you can leverage PeopleFlow’s data insights and make better business decisions.
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