PeopleFlow puts the power of web analytics to work for you—in any physical spaces.

Every company with a website or mobile app knows the value of gathering detailed metrics on exactly how people move through digital space.

But what about how people move through physical space? Do you know how your workplace is being used—and could be used better? Who is attending a live event? What out-of-home advertising is working—or not working?

PeopleFlow generates valuable, actionable data that’s never been available—until now.

PeopleFlow pinpoints traffic flow patterns and generates analytics just like you can with your digital properties.

How is this possible?

The secret is our time-tested, successfully implemented, sensor-agnostic, built-space monitoring flow platform. Yes, that’s a mouthful. But wait until you learn how it works.

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How it works.

PeopleFlow monitors the movement of mobile devices within your physical space and collects statistics in each predetermined zone.

As people move through various zones (or between different locations), PeopleFlow senses their presence through their mobile or wearable devices.

Devices send out a probe every few seconds to connect to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. PeopleFlow monitors these probe requests, triangulates each specific user’s position, and calculates a set of metrics comparing each change in position against customizable zones.

PeopleFlow delivers valuable metrics.

Unique vs.
First-Time Visitors

How many unique individuals within a specific time period? How many are first-time visitors?

Days Between Visits
vs. Recency

How many days on average does a unique visitor spend between visits? How recent was the previous visit?

Dwell Time
How much time did an average visitor spend within a zone? At a location?

Bounced Visitors
vs. Total Visitors

How many visitors entered a zone but left within two minutes? What were the total number of prospects?

Window Shoppers vs. Converted Visits
How many visitors approached a zone but did not enter? How many entered at least one zone?

Percentage of
Repeat Visitors

What is the average percentage of visitors who came at least once? Monthly? Weekly? Daily?

How can PeopleFlow work for you?

Watch this brief video offering a retail sample use case.

Scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

PeopleFlow can scale solutions for any spaces. From a 20,000 sq. ft. office space to a 2,000,000 sq. ft. trade show. From a single mall ad and retail store to multiple ad networks and nationwide store locations.

Metrics can be integrated directly into single or multiple customer relationship management (CRM) or business intelligence (BI) systems. Data correlated with point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Trends discovered relating to one or many customer journeys.

Here are three key business areas in which we're seeing use cases for PeopleFlow solutions:


Are your employees satisfied with their workspaces? Are you optimizing uses of your space? Are you spending money on space you don’t need? Your data can tell you.

Learn more.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Can you directly link OOH advertising to brick-and-mortar sales? What ad locations attract the most traffic—and a higher premium? Which locations attract repeat visitors? Your data knows.

Learn more.

Live Events

What trade show booths get the most visits? Which sports venue concessions offer optimal flow and sales? How can large events better manage lineups or parking? Your data will explain.

Learn more.

PeopleFlow is sensor-agnostic. Use your sensors or ours.

WiFi: Enable your existing Wi-Fi or leverage PeopleFlow Wi-Fi devices, which are secure, self-organizing, and automatically administered. Just plug-and-play. Differentiate between known (prospects, customers, employees) and unknown (strangers, suspects) mobile devices.

Bluetooth: Leverage your existing network or install/supplement with ours. Improve position accuracy in key locations. Mix-and-match Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Support smart-tags using mobile near-field sensors to enable pop-up product descriptions or send proximity alerts.

See for yourself the power of PeopleFlow.

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