How Can We Ensure Your Success?

We will be there to support you in your implementation of PeopleFlow.  Whether that is publishing your CAD drawings as a map, helping to design your customer journey, to creating custom reports and dashboards specific to your needs. Or leveraging Branded Apps complete with accessibility-compliant wayfinding.

Our professional services team is here to help.


It all sounds good, doesn’t it?  But you’re not sure if this will help you.  We are happy to provide a 30-day demonstration of the service.  We will send you one pre-configured unit for you to deploy at your location.

If you would like to test a larger deployment, we are happy to support you.  What story are you trying to tell with PeopleFlow?

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Install and Calibrate. Deploy or integrate WiFi / beacon nodes at each site. Calibrate the sensor array to ensure accurate location determination.

Indoor Mapping. Convert CAD and GIS data into PeopleFlow cloud-store. Perform automated physical space modeling.

Custom Analysis. Create custom dashboards. Deliver periodic reports analysing traffic at or across sites.

Branded Apps. Build branded mobile apps that enable wayfinding (supports accessibility / disabled persons) and location-based advertising / alerts.

Triggers and Actions. Create triggers (such as reaching a dwell-time limit in a zone) that cause actions to occur.

Build Customer Journeys. Identify strangers vs. loyal customers. Cross-correlate tradeshow and event traffic flow to in-store visits.

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Help getting started, deploying nodes, integrating CAD, or professional services support for custom reports, indoor mapping, and Branded Apps.

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