What can PeopleFlow do for me?

PeopleFlow senses your customers’ presence through their mobile or wearable device.  A mobile device sends out a “probe” every few seconds to connect to a WiFi or Bluetooth network.  PeopleFlow monitors probe requests, triangulates the users’ position, and calculates a set of metrics comparing each change in position against customizable zones.  PeopleFlow enables you to understand the movements and behaviors of your customers and employees throughout your bricks-and-mortar location.


Order a single PeopleFlow WiFi or Bluetooth node and identify clients that are inside or outside of a range.  Identify customer loyalty characteristics, measure display success for windows, end-caps, and demonstration areas.

Branded Apps

Give your users a custom mobile app experience with your brand and messaging.  Build accessibility-compliant wayfinding and multi-floor navigation.  Integrate product catalogs for near-field product look-ups.  Users are now “known” targets that you can message with proximity alerts.


Capture detailed metrics by zone.  Complete indoor positioning enables tracking of people’s movements through a facility, footfall maps show high-traffic areas, capture metrics for customizable zones and multi-level facilities.


Tag your people and your assets.  Automate time-keeping for staff.  Ping salespeople or service staff.  Track time on-site vs. in-transit.  Allocate costs based on labour time or equipment use.

Brick-and-Mortar Location Intelligence

Location. PeopleFlow scales from a small storefront, aisle end-cap, or exhibit display, to an event venue, shopping center, airport, or chain of stores across the country. Leverage your devices or ours.

Intelligence. Integrate metrics directly into your Customer Relationship Management or Business Intelligence systems, correlate with data from your Point-of-Sale, and discover trends related to the customer journey.

Conferences, Sports, & Festivals

Sell traffic flow metrics to your exhibitors. Understand people flow at sporting events and festivals.

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Retail Chains

Roll-up activity by aisle, department, region, or territory. Analyse customer journeys. Identify shop-lifters.

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Airports & Malls

Enable wayfinding for disabled persons. Sell traffic flow metrics to concessioners. Alert staff for crowds / delays.

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PeopleFlow for Salesforce.com

Sales. We are building a cross-chain analysis tool for retail that enables users to rollup results by store, region, territory, or nationally.  Sales are triggered by activity.  Now watch and compare shopper and staff behavior by department, store, and between stores.  Identify the key movement trends within a store that trigger greater sales.  Compare movement patterns at your best performing stores against sales laggards.

Marketing. Combine virtual zones by aisle, end-cap, and department to calculate movement behaviors of strangers and loyal customers.  Map customer journeys to convert strangers to suspects, suspects to prospects, and prospects to loyal customers.  Plug in location-based, context aware push alerts based on the movement of customers with branded apps.

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