PeopleFlow for Live Events

Live events present a wide range of tangible use cases for employing PeopleFlow.

For example, PeopleFlow enables tradeshow vendors to send real-time offers directly to visitors when visitors are within a certain proximity, then guide visitors to the vendor’s booth.

As another example, PeopleFlow can look at how fans move through sports venues. Which concessions draw the most people, have the longest lines, deliver the quickest service can all be tracked, delivering valuable insights to improve business decision-making.

Take a look at this tradeshow use case—a video called Tina’s Story—and think of how PeopleFlow can bring value to practically any scenario… including yours.

Watch Tina's Story

How can PeopleFlow work for you?

“PeopleFlow also provides analytics at the venue level, which can help improve layout, and determine high traffic areas and hot spots.”

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