PeopleFlow for Out-of-Home Advertising

Public, permanent places present a myriad of use cases. From malls to transit networks to sidewalks outside brick-and-mortar locations, potential customers are everywhere.

Frequently, out-of-home advertising is available in these places. But what advertising is best at converting viewers into store visitors?

Retailers can now use PeopleFlow to accurately track the precise effectiveness of their physical-space advertisements in drawing people into their stores.

And PeopleFlow can also optimize customers’ journeys once they enter a retail location.

Watch this retailer use case and consider how PeopleFlow can bring value to practically any data-gathering scenario… including yours.

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How can PeopleFlow work for you?

“By understanding your customers’ movements throughout your location, you gain insight that can improve decision-making, and result in satisfied customers and increased profitability.”

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